EXCUSE ME: My 1st Blog!

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by on my first blog EVER in my life!

I want to thank YOU for keeping me busy in my crazy world.  Lets see, its August, for months until Christmas…yikes!

Where has the year gone?

My mornings start at 5:30a.m.  I am a morning person!

And I love the first cup of coffee when I wake up.  My family knows that I am not too talkative until I get my cup of Java!

6:30 am my husband and I are walking our dogs for their daily walk to do their business  They love their walks around a beautiful park that we have by our house.  The walk is about 1 ½ miles !  We try and go early as possible since it gets hot early in the morning.  Kita loves to chase the squirrels and Peanut like to lead the pack!   


My German Shepherd is named Kita, she is two years old.  She is terrified when there is a storm outside.  I think when she was with her breeder, they must have been boarded where the thunder echoed loud in her kennel.  She has to hide under a chair to feel safe…what a wimp!  We would rather hide her under a chair and stay close to her than medicate her.  I do not like giving my dogs medication unless its absolutely necessary. 


The Chihuahua is Peanut.  She is a rescue.  She was found on the streets in Houston and believed to be a survivor of Hurricane Harvey.   She was brought home by us on a medical rescue basis.  Noone at the shelter thought she was going to live.  Our prayer for her was to give her a great home if she was to pass away.  She didn’t eat much and was very scared of anyone next to her.  She was under weight, no chip, not fixed, heartworm positive, and had fear in her eyes.  We brought her home and step by step, she is doing great today.  She is heartworm free, weighs 11 lbs doubled her weight), microchipped, and is fixed.  We were so happy to adopt her and make her our own.  I think of her as a very special blessing in my heart.   She actually runs the household! 

Everyday, I am constantly on the computer because I attend Herzing online.  I am getting my degree in Healthcare Adminisration.  I will be graduating Aug. 2019 with my Bachelors.  I do believe this will be the end of school.  Unless I get another “AHA” moment that I want to continue for my Master’s then we will see. 


Well here is to the end of my day.   I hope you enjoyed it.  There will be many more blogs to come showing you what my day consists of.  From Camp Gladiator to acting classes to school to traveling for celebrity and wrestling conventions…sometimes I do not know how I am holding it together.  I have trouble finding enough hours in my day but God willing it always seems to work things out.  Thank you again for visiting! 

“Excuse Me”    

 Vickie G.

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