EXCUSE ME: 2nd Blog

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by to check out one of my busy days. 

Every morning, my youngest daughter is working on my YouTube videos.  In this picture.

You can see she is in our studio taking care of my social media.  I am very grateful that Sherilyn is creative and talented in putting my videos together.  Sherilyn has a full time job and she always finds time to work on my videos.  Thank you Chiquita!

Next, I am with my friend Sean from Staples.  He is a huge fan and when I need copies…he always does a great job for me.

I always bring in extra pictures to personalize for him and his wife…he is good people.

After taking a trip to Staples, I am headed to see my hair dresser Lauren.  She works at Gloss Hair Studio and has been cutting my hair for about the last year.  She has fun experimenting with colors on my hair and I love the cuts. The first pic is my hair long.  I was trying to grow my hair to my shoulders.   After awhile, I couldn’t stand it. 

It was more work in the mornings to style and curl it…I finally had enough and told her to go back to my regular pixie cut. 

I love it short and spiked.  It is the best haircut for me right now since I am busy with wrestling promotions, working out, school, traveling, and conventions. 

My day can get pretty busy.  Besides running around to get errands done, I am always working on school homework and listening to lectures.  My day was pretty overwhelming with getting things ready for trips, as well as, attending school and running the house.  Sometimes I get bored when I have nothing to do and I start wishing that I could be busy.  Well today, was busy and I can’t wait for a break.  It is always a vicious cycle…until next time!

Excuse Me, Vickie 

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